Our Facility  

Waliz Nuts has continued to evolve and innovate since our humble beginnings by investing in our processing facilities.

Constantly striving to produce the highest quality of Australian macadamias we have added world-leading technology to our processing facility in Newrybar.  

We use the latest SATAKE colour sorters to ensure we are leading the Australian macadamia industry, setting the standard and our clients value our dedication to refinement and can taste the difference.

Our Newrybar factory has the capacity to receive 200 tonnes per week and we have multiple silos with low temperature, humidity controlled drying controls.

We are also proud to work with Aruma (formally Summerland House Farm) who help us de-husk and sort harvests ensuring it is ready for processing. As a business provider of Australia’s largest disability provider they provide employment for people with a disability in our community and are a backbone to our community.

Macadamia nuts are one of the toughest to crack but the taste is well worth the effort. Our process ensures only the best reach our customers.