Why It’s Critical to Get Your Fertilising Done in February

There’s some positive rain forecast for the coming week and it looks like we have a change in weather patterns occurring which will bring good rain totals across the Northern Rivers.

Another positive move towards the start of the season is doing a round of fertiliser with a little bit of extra boron to help build up the carbohydrates and leaf accumulation in the tree for the following season’s flowering. A lot of growers miss the opportunity to build on their tree health for the following season when the tree is looking to build reserves following the crop that has been put to use on the tree.

Talk to your agronomist to see what is best to use come this fertiliser application or if advice is needed we can put you in touch with a qualified agronomist.

With both the domestic and global demand for macadamias so strong now is the best time to invest in your orchard to make a decent return on your farm.

Yours sincerely, 

Garth Templeman
Grower Liaison
Waliz Nuts PTY LTD