Where Is The Ideal Growing Region For Macadamias?

It might surprise you to learn that despite boasting the reputation as the ideal area to grow macadamias the Northern Rivers does not top the list. According to our grower liaison, Garth Templeman, he believes the best growing region to growing macadamias is a few clicks further south.

“To me, the best growing region to grow macs is around that Nambucca Coffs Harbour region,” says Garth in one of his videos on his Australian Macadamia Channel. “I’ve got mates who grow in that region and I’ve seen their crops and how well they produce A4s with 17-18 kg in them.”

Key components to growing macadamias are more than just the soil quality. Number one is the temperature and secondly, the main factor is rain and water. Macadamias love a drink and if you keep the water flowing and maintain moisture in the ground you will be able to grow macs anywhere.

Nambucca also encounters less storm activity than what the Northern Rivers and event Bundaberg regions seasonally endure each year. Thus, resulting in a more stable crop rather than being cleaned up by a weather event.

Though we must acknowledge that’s the reality of farming. You can be sailing one minute and sunk the next.

There are certainly no guarantees but this assessment of the growing regions of Australia macadamia nuts are a result of our experience chatting to growers and seeing the quality of their crop year after year.

Garth Templeman
Grower Liaison
Waliz Nuts PTY LTD