What's Most Important Going Into Next Harvest 

We’re mid-way through Autumn which means the macadamia season is in full swing. Many of our growers have been harvesting, some already into their second harvest. We’re seeing good-sized nuts come through our processing facility and quality has been up compared to the same time last season.  

The sunny days have suddenly shifted to cooler temps and periods of patchy rain in the past week. As the sun comes out you’d think it’d be the perfect time to take advantage and get harvesting. However, it’s worth letting the sun and wind dry out the orchard as much as possible so you can have better access to your crop when you’re trying to harvest and not push nut that’s fallen into the ground. It might be tempting but you’re better off waiting two or three days for it to dry out a bit.  

When you have those periods where you want to get out there but you’re waiting for things to dry out it’s a great time to take advantage of those odd little jobs you need to do on your farm. 

On my farm, I’ve been cleaning my machinery and preparing for what will probably be my biggest week on the farm coming up. I’ve also got my fertiliser ready for a May application, to prime the boron levels before the flaring season which will kick off in the next two to three months. 

If you’re interested in understanding my process in more detail watch my video below which discusses what’s most important going into the next harvest. I cover fertilising, how to optimise peak health to produce the best possible crop and why it’s important to hold back harvesting when the ground is still wet. 

As always if any growers need help with anything please call either myself or Paul and we’ll be happy to assist. 

Garth Templeman
Grower Liaison
Waliz Nuts PTY LTD