The Sun Is Out & The Nuts Are Falling



Well, it has been a very wet few weeks here in the Northern Rivers.

Many of our growers were still reeling from a severe storm that took out many trees a few weeks back when a huge wet weather event lashed the north coast over the Easter long weekend. There were areas with reports of daily rainfall of 70-90mm and here on our farm we experienced similar daily totals. 

Now that the sun is back out and we can look at our orchard there are welcomed signs of plump nut sets and plenty of nut on the ground ready to harvest. We hope your farm is in a similar state and the classic Autumn conditions are helping you get on with the work on your farm in preparation for harvest.

As always if any growers need help with anything please call either myself or Paul and we’ll be happy to assist. 

Garth Templeman
Grower Liaison
Waliz Nuts PTY LTD