Spring Flowering in Full Bloom

If you have ever wandered through a macadamia orchard in Spring it is a sight to behold. The scent of flowers, bees buzzing and macadamia streams bursting with endless strands of racemes with hundreds of thousands of flowers.

The flowers start green but turn a creamy-white as petals open and develop. This is the stage they pollinate attracting bees to their delicious scent. As the flowers mature they turn brown and fall off leaving a tiny green bump at the of the flower stalk. Only a very small number of flowers (about 5%) transform into mature macadamia nuts.

The recent weather conditions have been perfect for springtime flowering across our orchard. We’ve had warm temperatures, plenty of sunshine, light winds, and a good soaking of rain which are optimal to set up for a bountiful crop.

The end of harvest Spring period has also allowed us to catch up on all the jobs we need to do on the farm. From cleaning up the orchard floor, mowing the grass, selected limb removal on some of our trees, spraying for pests, and fertilising to ensure we are ready for next year’s harvest season. 

We’ll cover all these topics in future articles and wish all our growers a fantastic Spring season.

As always if any growers need help with anything please call either Garth or Paul and we’ll be happy to assist.