Now is the Time for a Pre-Season Clean Up

Hello all, hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas / New Year’s break. Well we're getting closer to that time of the year again where the season is almost upon us most guys are finishing up their maintenance required on their machinery and de-husking equipment for the coming season as well as preparing the orchard for a Pre-Season clean up.

As most growers are aware a Pre-Season clean up i.e. sweeping from the base of the tree followed by mulching any sticks, leaf and even old nut that get pushed out to the middle of the row to be mulched. The main benefit of doing a clean up is to ensure the best possible outcome for the first pick up for the coming season which helps add extra money back to the farmer. 

As the season comes into play please ensure skip bookings are made in advance to help with the flow during the season.

I look forward to working with everyone for the coming season and if any growers need help with anything please call.

Yours sincerely, 

Garth Templeman
Grower Liaison
Waliz Nuts PTY LTD