Early Season Nut Quality 

As most growers are into their second round of harvesting for the season it’s pleasing to know that this season's macadamia Sound Kernel Recovery (SKR) quality is the best most growers have seen on their orchards for quite a few years. As one grower told us, “I’ve owned my farm for Over 20 Years and never seen results this good,” which is pleasing to hear.

Why are we seeing results this good during a drought? That’s the question everyone keeps asking me and the same thing I also ask growers and two reasons come to mind.

1. The macadamia tree normally flushes during the December period whereas in December we didn’t experience a flush due to the drought so the energy that the tree had left went into supporting the crop instead of the flush. I believe that this is a survival mechanism hence the higher than normal SKR quality. What makes me think this way is when growers hedge their farm they are told to leave it till as late as possible as the re-growth can take the energy away from supporting the crop to the tree due to new vigour grown

2. The second reason is the harvest season is three to four weeks behind a normal harvest season. The longer the nut stays on a tree the better the nut maturity hence better than expected SKR. 

It's pleasing to know that even after experiencing a tough growing season with bushfires across the state and exceptionally dry conditions at how well the quality is showing during this season's harvest. Growers who are investing in their orchards during record prices are reaping the benefits despite those trying growing conditions.

I wish all growers to remain quality-focused during the season this helps not only the growers and the processor but also the industry as a whole.

Yours sincerely, 

Garth Templeman
Grower Liaison
Waliz Nuts PTY LTD