Why We Love Macadamia Oil

One thing we’ve noticed as macadamia growers and producers is the increased interest from restaurants and caterers in macadamia oil. It’s easy to see why we get so many orders for this product as it’s tasty, versatile and healthy; important factors when aiming to please savvy diners!

While we are massive fans of olive oil and will continue to use it from time to time, the delicious, buttery consistency of macadamia oil is winning over hearts (literally!) and stomachs in recent times.

The key to macadamia oil’s place as one of the most heart-healthy options is the high levels of monounsaturated fats (the good fats). Olive oil’s monounsaturated fat levels sit around the 76% mark, which is good, but macadamias are around 10% higher on 85%. The thing about monounsaturated fats is their ability to reduce cholesterol levels in the human blood stream, ultimately lowering someone’s risk of heart disease and stroke.

The heart isn’t the only winner with macadamia oil. Our favourite little nut contains something called Palmitoleic Acid which is the main ingredient in Sebum, a naturally occurring oil found within the human scalp. In simple terms, Macadamia oil is very good for your skin and hair. You can read a little more about it here.

But perhaps the biggest winner, at least from our stomach’s point of view, is the taste and versatility when used in cooking. Macadamia oil is the perfect addition to salad dressings, dessert recipes, seafood dishes or simply mixed with things like cream cheese or mayonnaise. The smoke point is really high, around 210 degrees Celsius, so it can take some heat in the pan.

If you’re thinking about exploring the amazing world of macadamia oil for your kitchen or restaurant then don’t hesitate to contact us.